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this is going to sound fucking stupid but im really upset that i didnt get my retainer back today. it broke so im getting a new one but i had that one for five years and i keep worrying that im going to forget what it looks like and it makes me want to cry. i wish id gotten it back. i just want it back. i made them color it this stupid ugly zebra pattern cus i thought itd be cool but it wasnt and im scared ill forget what it looks like. i never got a picture of it. i want it back i miss it


that friend that always tries to please you

im gonna get some coffee

i just forgot my url i started typing it and was like woa. what is it. Lol





I haven’t had sex in 4 weeks

This comment goes. Lol, no idea what this means. But fuck it, right? No? Ok. More cigs plz. But for real, this girl is awesome, so jealous of her multiple men that she’s with. I’d probably like, quit my job tbh


Lol. Win. This girl is the best, I’d blow all of my little cash fund to see her, but. Fuck life

dam ma...........................u thiccc

frik u c